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Do you need ways to bring the best out of yourself? Follow these tips:

1. Pimple Problem: The best way to get rid of a pesky pimple is to rub toothpaste on it! It might seem crazy but it's true! Do this method before you go to bed and the toothpaste will dry out the pimple in a couple of hours. Keep doing this until it's gone!

2. Are you ready for a great idea for your sleepover? SPA MAKEOVERS!! Try this: Use 1/2 cup lemon juice and a white egg! Mix and apply the mask on face. For the nails you can use food coloring,glitter,and white nail polish. Mix them and apply the nail color! Any food coloring with white to make a light color! Then sprinkle the glitter on nails or mix it with the nail polish. Apply a clear coat to keep the glitter on and the nails strong! After 15 min. wash off mask on face and apply mositerizer.Look beautiful and feel fresh! :)

Flowing Hair:

Healthy hair is HOT!Keep your hair clean by washing your hair everyday.Use mild shampoo.Apply hair oil.Oil makes the hair roots strong(coconut oil,or hair oil with natural plants and lemon)and shampoo cleans but weakens the hair and makes it dry.You can use henna and yogurt to condition your hair.Like we say NATURAL is the best!



Color Treament repairment: If you hair is colored or damaged because of color treatments then use a repairing henna! Henna as been used for centuries for shining and bright hair. But test it first before use because some people are allerigic to all natural remedies!



By Claire's:

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